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surveryvision. [Jul. 3rd, 2005|03:51 am]
[mood |mellowmellow]
[tunes |Beach Boys - Good Vibrations.]

Stole this from Kat Lafata. Woot.

Name: Justin
Single or taken: neither I don't think.
Sex: Male
DOB: October 18th.
Siblings: No
Hair color: Brown
Height: 5'10? or 11?
Eye color: Brown

Who are your close friends: Danceforce, Kat, Kendra.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No.
Did your crush send this to you: Definitely not.

Where is your favorite place to shop: I don't know, i don't really shop for clothes. I make do with what's around my house.
What are you listening to right now: The Strokes/Pink Floyd
Who is the last person who called you: Chuck
Where do you want to get married: England.
What would you change about yourself: Uh... I wish I wasn't so cynical.

Color: Brown/Black/Blue
Food: Ramen
Boys name: Adrian
Girls name: Kaleigh is a cool name.
Subjects in school: History/Music
Animal: Walrus
Sports: Fuck sports.

Have You Ever?
Given anyone a bath: No.
Smoked: Yes.
Bungee jumped: No.
Made yourself throw up: That would be horrible. I only puke when I mix Taco Bell, Mike's Hard Lemonade and gallons of Jack Daniels.
Skinny-dipped: Yes. All the time actually.
Been in love: Well this is a good one. I don't think i've ever been in love so much as completely obsessed, so whatever that means? I don't do that anymore because the people that I tend
to get obsessed over never actually feel the same way and I wind up wanting to puke and mix the things that I talked about above and yeah well this is a big sentence and who
gives a shit, so yeah I've been in love, but not really.
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: Definitely Not.
Pictured your crush naked: Yeah, too bad I've never seen a girl naked. ever. I've seen charles naked, does that count?
Actually seen your crush naked: I've never seen an actual girl totally naked. It's always dark and I'm focused on other things.
Cried when someone died: Yeah, or came close to crying.
Lied: Yes.
Fallen for your best friend: I guess, a few years ago.
Been rejected: Yes.
Used someone: NO! .... no!
Done something you regret: Always.

Clothes: Lacrosse shorts.
Music: Heist and the Accomplice!
Annoyance: People that are obsessed with feeling bad for themselves. Get the fuck over it.
Desktop picture: Some old guitar magazine from the 1960s?
Book: Catcher in the Rye...
Cd in player: who listens to CDs?
Dvd in player: I was watching Hotel Rawanda
You miss: Band practice?

Last Person
You touched: myself.
Hugged: Becky, because she's going back to Michigan
You IMed: Mike
You yelled at: My neighbor for being a prick and threatening my friends.
You kissed: you mean, plus tongue and all the fun groping? Becky!!!

Are You
Understanding: I try to be, I think I am.
Open-minded: Yeah. I'm interesting in all sort of crazy stuff. You name it.
Arrogant: Mike says I'm not and since I spend almost waking minute with him or the rest of Danceforce we can trust that.
Insecure: No.
Interesting: I'd say.
Hungry: not right now.
Smart: I guess?
Moody: I'm pretty level headed I'd say. I've learned a lot about chilling out and going with the flow.
Hard working: I could work a little harder.
Organized: No.
Healthy: For the most part.
Shy: Depends.
Difficult: No.
Attractive: maybe if the other person is terribly drunk.
Bored easily: Yes.
Messy: Yes,
Responsible: When I'm not in a self-destructive alcohol binge with Mr. Ferro.
Obsessed: With Gitar.
Angry: I like everyone.
Sad: I haven't been truly sad in a while.
Happy: Always.
Hyper: Nah.
Trusting: Yep, well with my friends I am.

Who Do You Want To
Kill: Bambi.
Slap: Fritz for asking me the exact time that everything is happening at.
Look like: Don Vito.
Talk to offline: my last orgasm.
Talk to online: my next orgasm.
In the morning I am: useless and horny.
All I need is: BATTLEDOME.. actually my guitar, danceforce, my band.
Love is: "what's in the room at christmas if you stop opening presents and listen."

Which is Better
Coke or Pepsi: Coke, w/ Lime
Flowers or candy: If I were gay I'd want to get Chocolate Flowers.
Tall or short: doesn't matter to me.
What do you notice first on the opposite sex: eyes, hair.
Makes you laugh the most: throwing things out of moving cars... at mailboxes.
Gives you a funny feeling when you see them: my balls.
Is easiest to talk to: probably Tom or Mike.

Of hearts I have broken: probably none.
How many continents I have lived in: 1
Of good friends: between 3 and 8
CDs I own: 30?
Of scars on my body: xMyheartXbreakXxXscar
Of things I regret: who gives a shit why cry over spilt milk.

Your Thought
I know: that i'm not a loser eventhough i like Blink's Take off your pants and jacket album.
I want: to have band practice tomorrow.
I have: no shame
I hate: the scene.
I fear: hardcore kids beating me up in my sleep.
I hear: awesome disco music
I search: for the guy who pee'd on the seat at starbucks.
I wonder: why the latest Alkaline Trio sucks. It's like a combination of crappy 80's punk, pat benetar lyrics, Abba's shitty synth orchestra. What was skiba thinking?

Turn on or Turn off or You Don't Care
Smoking: Don't matter.
Drinking: Don't care.
Drugs: Depends on the drug.
Good Looks: Preferably.
Bad breath: On.
Tall: On.
Short: On.
Skinny: On.
Fat: On.
Muscular: On.
Romantic: On.
Fun: On.
Funny: On.

Final Thoughts
Gold or silver: They both stink.
What was the last film that you saw at the movies: War of the Muthafuckin Worlds.
What did you have for breakfast this morning: Fruit Snacks.
Who would you love being locked in a room with: Probably that girl from Francescas.
Would you live without your computer: I'm never on this thing anyway.
Would you color your hair: no, it needs a trim though.
Could you ever get off the computer: Yes.
Habla Espanol: Claro que Si Motherfucker.
How many people on your buddy list: 211
Drink alcohol: YEAH!!!!!
Like watching sunrises or sunsets: Sunrises are nice because the day starts to get warm. It's refreshing.