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Fire at will.

18 October
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I'm a computer.
88 fingers louie, a day late, acoustic, alcohol, alkaline trio, allister, antique silverware, aquabats, army of me, ataris, audio karate, avril lavigne, bb king, beach boys, belle and sebastian, biological weapons, blink 182, bloc party, blood brothers, blueskygoodbye, boobies, brand new, brandtson, bright eyes, cannibalism, chinese food, coffee, dan andriano, death from above 1979, deltron3030, dissenters, distortion pedals, domokun, emo, ernie ball, explosives, fall out boy, family guy, far from heros, fear and loathing, fender, fire, further seems forever, gametime, gasmasks, gibson, girl repellent, girls, glasses, golden earring, guitar, guster, hardcore, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, homegrown, hookahs, hot rod circuit, houston calls, internet pool, interpol, jenoah, konstantine, lacrosse, lava lamps, led zeppelin, les paul, limbeck, local bands, lubriderm, making out, mallrats, marshall amps, masturbating, matt skiba, modest mouse, moraine, morbid, movielife, movies, my hotel year, new jersey, no motiv, paper clips, penny arcade, photography, pizza, pop punk, postbreak tragedy, posters, punchline, receiving end of sirens, reggie + full effect, rockets, root beer, royden, russian girls, rx bandits, sex, sharpies, shoes, ska, slacking, sleeping to excess, something corporate, spacing out, spoons, teen idols, the arcade fire, the crush, the drive, the hives, the kicks, the mars volta, the reunion show, the shins, the starting line, the strokes, the venture, the vines, the von bondies, the white stripes, the yardbirds, the yeah yeah yeahs, third eye blind, unsung zeros, vagina, vaginal sex, vagrant recs, vintage guitars, vintage misc stuff., vintage underwear, waynes basement, weezer